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Meet Ken Gibbs Ken worked his way through Colorado State University milking cows 7 days a week at a local dairy, eventually earning a B.S. in Farm and Ranch Management. Not being satisfied with the various jobs offered, he enrolled at Oregon State University and received both an M.S. and a Ph. D in Agricultural Economics with minors in Statistics and Economics. He accepted a position at the University of Florida to teach and do research.

Ken took several photography courses at the UF, and fell in love with creating images in a camera. Ken was trained using a manual camera with a hand-held light meter. The basic principles of light, film, and composition were deeply ingrained, and he was taught to create the perfect image in the camera. Soon, he started a part time business taking portraits, shooting weddings, covering news events, and spending a great deal of time photographing nature.

He sold much of his work to pay for his ever increasing inventory of photographic equipment, including 35 mm, and both medium and large formats. Most images were created in black and white and developed in his darkroom. He worked part time for 4 different photo studios covering weddings, portraits, group shots at events, and candid photos at various proceedings at the University.

Being a life long animal lover soon moved him into taking pictures of animals.
After moving back to Oregon State University, he continued teaching and doing research in his specialized field. At the same time, he kept with his professional photographic career, with whatever time was available.

His desire to raise animals and work for himself grew stronger, and he moved to Eastern Oregon to become a full time rancher raising cattle, sheep, and horses. His photography interests continued and after being trained by one of the nations renowned equine photographers, he began specializing in equine photography.

Ken now resides in Central Oregon raising and breeding horses and operating his photography business. He has published articles in newspapers and in the Professional Equine Photographers Newsletter on the Internet, dealing with the subject of photographing the horse. He uses all Nikon 35 mm equipment manufactured several decades ago, so, in his opinion, it is the best equipment ever made. Several lenses make it possible to correctly capture nearly any image. Oh, he still uses a high quality hand-held light meter to ensure the proper exposure, even in snow or any other lighting challenge. Pure black or pure white horses do not pose any special test, since the light reaching the subject is measured, rather than that reflected by it.

Ken also teaches a course in equine photography at the Central Oregon Community College. He is currently a member of the Equine Photographers Network group on the Internet, and a past member of the Professional Photographers of Oregon.

Special package prices are available for your photographic needs, please contact him for details.

Ken and Jacquie Gibbs
70177 McKenzie Canyon Road
Terrebonne, Oregon USA 97760